Profitable Grazing Systems

MLA has launched the Profitable Grazing Systems pilot as part of a shift in the way it has traditionally delivered R&D extension and adoption.

The program builds on MLA’s best practice packages of information, tools and events, with a renewed focus on encouraging producers to try new ideas on-farm and using specialist coaches providing longer-term support and guidance.

The ultimate aim is to support producers to make on-farm changes which will drive productivity and profitability and have measurable and tangible impacts.

This is a pilot

To ensure this new approach to adoption works and it delivers meaningful impact on farm, Profitable Grazing Systems is being piloted in 2016. If successful, a full program roll-out is scheduled for 2017.
The pilot includes 11 producer groups nationally across species, production zones and topics. The program focuses on key profit drivers within the feedbase, business management, people management, reproduction and genetics and the value chain.

Unfortunately spaces are full for the pilot phase for both producers and deliverers but if you would like to register your interest to participate in the full program in 2017 (if the pilot is successful), please click here

What’s the value for participants?

As a producer this program will:

  • be adaptable and will help you work on the issues you’ve identified as being of most importance to your business
  • provide flexible learning programs – designed by deliverers to be locally relevant
  • provide an opportunity to learn with and from like-minded producers, who are also striving to improve their productivity and profitability
  • give you the skills and confidence to meet your goals – an investment in your future
  • give you the skills and confidence to use evidence and feedback to make informed decisions
  • give you the skills and confidence to enhance your profitability
  • provide support  to enable you to implement changes on farm

If you are interested in being a program deliverer, this program will provide opportunities for you to upskill, and will provide support with recruiting producers for learning programs.

For more information contact Julie Petty at [email protected] Regular program updates will be provided throughMLA’s communications channels so stay tuned.

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