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Market compliance


MLA invests in research and development (R&D) to enable businesses across the supply chain to improve their productivity in order to supply red meat products to current, and access new, domestic and international markets.

R&D outcomes from these investments provide up-to-date information on compliance to market specifications, consumer insights, supply chain sustainability and product innovation, which businesses need to supply and enter new markets.

Further investment opportunities exist to enhance the quality and variety of red meat products supplied to different markets, which can help increase the scope of Australia’s red meat products.

Core activities

MLA’s R&D initiatives that help improve market access include:

  • improving the utilisation and integration of different businesses across the supply chain, such as matching pasture production, the grazing approach and animal needs, to maintain market supply
  • focusing on enhanced decision making tools to improve meat quality and market compliance
  • identifying new markets and pathways for market access
  • understanding market trends, consumer needs and selling options to improve market access
  • improving the efficiency of product manufacturing to improve the cost of production and return on investment
  • collecting data for the National Livestock Reporting Service and market reporting systems
  • developing market intelligence services and communication pathways.

Benefits to industry

  • Through improved market specification compliance and by better meeting the needs of consumers and value chain partners, producers can potentially improve their profitability.
  • High quality red meat products have to potential to access many domestic and international protein markets, and R&D investments into market access are integral to their success.
  • Producers can utilise different accreditations as part of their marketing and selling strategy and have options to differentiate their product, improve market access and increase the profitability of their enterprise.