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How we are funded

Transaction levies

MLA is primarily funded by transaction levies paid on livestock sales by producers and are used to support marketing, research and development activities.

The levies are collected by the Australian Government on the sale of each head of cattle, sheep and goat sold under the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Act 1999

Government matched funding

The Australian Government contributes a dollar for each levy dollar MLA invests in eligible research and development.

MLA generates additional income through MLA Donor Company (MDC), which attracts commercial investment from individual enterprises and others that share a mutual interest to co-invest in innovation that will benefit the industry.

The Australian Government matches voluntary partner contributions ((up to 40% of project value) through the MDC, where eligible projects deliver outcomes that address broader industry and/or government priorities and benefit the entire industry.

Unmatched grants

MLA also receives unmatched grants from the Australian government and cooperative contributions from other Research and Development Corporations, individual processors, wholesalers, foodservice operators and retailers. This includes grants as part of the Rural R&D for Profit program.

Other funding streams

Meat processors and livestock exporters also co-invest levies into MLA programs through their service companies - Australian Meat Processor Corporation and LiveCorp.

Exporters and importers can also co-invest with MLA on marketing activities through MLA’s Market Development Partnerships Program.