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Dealing with natural disasters

Natural disasters severely impact upon livestock production and enterprise management. The resources and publications below provide information and help for livestock producers dealing with natural disasters.

Caring for People

The following organisations are able to provide support for those in rural areas.

The Australian Government’s Disaster Assist website has information on current disasters as well as assistance packages.

The National Farmers’ Federation Farm Hub has climate information, resources and advice to manage hardship and has details of available on-farm support.


MLA’s drought management page provides resources to help support producers as they make decisions when heading into, managing through and recovering from drought.

Members of the community can support farmers through Buy a Bale or through the Bottles for the Bush appeal (where 10c is collected for each eligible container recycled).

Fire management 

State rural fire authorities or services should be contacted directly for assistance or information on fires (see below for links to relevant websites).

Visit our Preparing for bushfire season page for guidelines on emergency fodder, animal treatment and agistment, or our Bushfire Recovery page for resources related to fire recovery.

The North Australian Fire Information website provides information for cattle producers and land managers relating to fires in northern Australia. The fire information includes hotspots (locations of burning fires), fire scars (recently burnt country), fire weather, fire history and lightning strikes, which can be viewed against various backgrounds such as topographic maps and satellite images.


Careful management can help minimise the impacts on productivity when a flood event occurs. Knowing the signs of pasture damage, parasites and disease that occur during and after flood events can make recovery faster and more effective. 

For flood recovery resources, visit MLA’s flood recovery page.

State and Territory contacts and hotlines

Australian Capital Territory

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate: 13 22 81

ACT farmers’ support package
Emergency information

New South Wales

Local Land Services NSW: 1300 795 299

NSW Rural Fire Service
Drought support
Emergency information
Bush fire support
DPI NSW works with Local Land Services to support the NSW Rural Fire Service to assist primary producers. See Information on current bushfires

Northern Territory

Department of Primary Industry and Resources: 08 8999 2006

NT Fire and Rescue Service
Rural assistance and support services
Emergency and safety
Livestock in emergencies


Department of Agriculture and Fisheries: 13 25 23

Queensland Rural Fire Service
Drought support
Natural disaster informationDisaster recovery for livestock farms
Climate risk information for rural Queensland

South Australia

Primary Industries and Regions SA: 1800 255 556

South Australian Country Fire Service
Drought support
Emergency management


Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment: 1300 368 550

Tasmania Fire Service
Drought support
Bushfire information


Agriculture Victoria: 136 186

Country Fire Authority
Drought support
Emergency information
Managing livestock after an emergency

Western Australia

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development: 1300 374 731

Department of Fire and Emergency Services
Dry seasons and drought
Emergency management