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Tools and calculators

MLA provides a range of tools and calculators to assist red meat producers in making decisions in their businesses.

Cost of Production Calculators

Determine your Cost of Production (CoP) and compare your performance annually.

  • Beef, Lamb & Goat CoP

  • Sheep and Wool CoP

    The Sheep and Wool Cost of production calculator is currently being redeveloped in partnership with AWI. The new calculator will be available in 2021.
Animal Health and Nutrition Calculators
Feed Calculators
Pasture Tools and Calculators
  • Feed Budget and Rotation Planner

    Calculate stocking rates, pasture growth rates and stock rations then plan your grazing systems.

  • Pasture Improvement Calculator

    The costs and benefits of resowing pastures to livestock, soils and the environment.

  • Phosphorus Tool

    How to use soil testing information to plan fertiliser and livestock investments.

  • Pasture Paramedic

    'Pasture Paramedic' is a decision-making tool that allows rapid assessment of pasture condition in the high rainfall zones of southern Australia.

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  • Pasture Trial Network

    This tool allows you to assess and compare the performance of more than 100 pasture varieties across the key pasture species for the red meat industry.

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Climatic Impact tools
  • Greenhouse Accounting Frameworks

    These tools use the latest Australian National Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NGGI) method, to predict the magnitude and sources of Greenhouse Gasses emitted from Australia beef or sheep farms.

Predictive Tools
  • RI Calculator

    The Refrigeration Index (RI) is an index for the log growth of E. coli. It predicts the expected growth of E. coli on meat from temperature and other data.

MSA Index Calculator

Producers can also use the mobile MSA Index calculator to guide decision making by predicting the impact of production changes on the MSA Index.