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Breeder Mortality Calculator

The Breeder Mortality Calculator assists cattle producers in using their own property records to determine levels of breeder mortality in their herds.

Two versions of the calculator have been developed to support producers based on available records:

  1. Simple version - based on annual livestock schedule counts
  2. Advanced version - based on monthly livestock schedule counts for various livestock classes.

How to download the Breeder Mortality Calculator:

  1. Click on the version of the calculator that you would like to download (below)
  2. When asked if you would like to open or save the file, select SAVE.
  3. Once downloaded select OPEN FOLDER.
  4. Double click on the downloaded Breeder Mortality Calculator file to open.
  5. If prompted to enter a password, just click Cancel (you don't have to enter a user name or password)

Access the calculator: simple version

Access the calculator: advanced version

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