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Human nutrition

Our commitment to nutrition

Meat and Livestock Australia promotes consumption of red meat in a healthy diet as recommended in the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Lean red meat is recommended in a healthy diet because it is an excellent protein source of iron and zinc, essential nutrients important for good health.

Red meat is a popular protein in the Australian diet and is enjoyed in a variety of meals, mostly for dinner, an important time for physical and emotional nourishment.

Our investments in research and development provide practical ‘how to’ guidance for enjoying red meat in healthy balanced meals in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.   

Our investment

Our consumer-led, solutions-based approach provides a bridge between the Australian Dietary Guidelines and ‘the plate’ in three key areas:

  1. Data and insights to understand red meat consumption and consumers’ needs
  2. Practical ‘how to’ resources for enjoying red meat in a healthy diet as recommended in the Australian Dietary Guidelines.   
  3. Working with nutrition experts and industry to ensure access to consistent information from purchase to plate so consumers can make informed choices.

The program builds on MLA’s reputation for high quality, nutrition education material and investments in research on the nutritional value of red meat and its role in a healthy diet.  

Nutrition facts, information and resources are available from