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Human nutrition


MLA’s human nutrition research and development (R&D) investments aim to make consumers feel confident that they can enjoy Australian red meat in a healthy and sustainable diet.

Projects that generate evidence about Australian meat in a healthy diet helps policymakers understand its role in the Australian diet; and industry to promote Australian red meat as a healthy meal choice.

The domestic market is the single most valuable destination for Australian red meat and human nutrition R&D provides opportunities for red meat to compete with other protein sources for a place as the preferred consumer choice.

Core activities

R&D into human nutrition generates and connects data and insights related to the role of Australian red meat in a healthy and sustainable diet. Initiatives include:

  • understanding Australians’ changing nutrition information needs
  • maintaining up-to-date information on Australian red meat consumption habits and its nutritional value · publishing and sharing R&D findings with key stakeholders on the MLA Healthy Meals website.

Benefits to industry

R&D that creates consumer awareness and confidence about consuming red meat in a healthy and sustainable diet provides industry and public health benefits such as;

  • increasing the profitability of the industry by demonstrating the value of red meat as healthy meal choices to consumers
  • maintaining and enhancing the value of domestic red meat sales
  • improving the long-term consumption of red meat.