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BredWell FedWell

BredWell FedWell (BWFW) is a practical, one-day introductory workshop on how productivity and profitability can be improved through good breeding and feeding over the livestock production cycle, with a specific focus on profit drivers.

Producers can use the outcomes of the workshop to develop a genetics and nutrition regime suited to their environment and markets to boost profitability.

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17 April

Piallaway, NSW

Beef cattle

Nancy Crawshaw – Angus Australia



No workshop in your area? Register your interest here. We will let you know when a workshop is on in your area. 


BWFW workshop cost: Introductory price of $200.00 per person (GST incl.) will be offered for a limited time. This is a discount of $150 per person so register now to take advantage of this discount. 


New workshops in 2024

On the back of a decade of success, the BWFW workshops have been redeveloped to reflect evolving best practice genetics and nutrition management.

The structure of the workshop will utilise the BWFW breeding and feeding production cycle – see right – which covers pre-joining and joining, pregnancy, calving/lambing, weaning and beyond, and selection. 

Each ‘wedge’ in the cycle represents a major decision point in a producer’s commercial enterprise, where consideration of both breeding (genetics) and feeding (nutrition) is required.

The new highly graphical, easy to follow one-day workshop will continue to be delivered on-farm and producers will gain fresh knowledge about the latest research and management strategies in the field.


The BWFW workshops are: 







Presentations and discussions with deliverers and peers

Practical and written activities hosted on-farm

Learning outcomes you can apply in your own enterprise

What will I learn

Workshops are hosted on-farm and aimed to improve the knowledge and skills of producers so they can:

  • develop a customised breeding plan for their livestock enterprise aligned to their profit drivers
  • identify sires and select animals that help them meet their objectives
  • feed animals well to achieve their objectives and maximise their genetic investment.


What other producers say after attending BWFW

“Is it worth using EBVs for our cattle? Today tells me it is.” – Andy Hayes, The Garden Station NT.

"If you’re sitting on the fence about going to a BredWell FedWell workshop, register now. I attended a recent workshop in Western Australia and it was great value for money. There is plenty of gold to take away from the day no matter your level of knowledge.” - Spencer Knight, Gumnut Downs SA.


Benefit to your business

So far, BWFW has delivered $17.2m* in total net benefits to participating producers as a result of workshops delivered between 2015–2021. Participants can expect an average annual net benefit of $2.48/ewe joined for sheep producers, and $2.98/cow mated for beef producers.

*calculated as net present value of adoption to 2045, discounted at 5% annually.


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How to get involved


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Supporting organisations

New workshops will be available in 2024, for all sheep types, southern cattle and northern cattle production systems.

As an introductory offer, workshops will cost $200 per person (GST inc) for a limited time. This is a discount of $150 per person so make sure you get in early and register your interest now.

We will let you know when the next workshop is in your area.


You and your peers will hear the latest research and know-how on breeding and feeding livestock. Read the host guidelines to find out what’s involved with hosting a BWFW workshop and learn more about the benefits of hosting in this case study.


Deliverers interested in participating in the program have the opportunity to apply and attend ongoing train-the-trainer sessions that will be held based on demand throughout 2023–2025.

Instructions and more information about the application process are found in the terms of reference document (Supporting documents Annex 2 , Annex 3).

Help facilitate the logistics of a workshop or subsidise workshops for producers (Supporting organisation guidelines).

To find out more information contact the BredWell FedWell Coordinator. 



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