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MLA's Feedback magazine is the red meat and livestock industry journal, signposting producers to practical on-farm information and the latest technological advances that are putting Australian producers in a globally competitive position.

Feedback features production information and case studies, snapshots of MLA's global marketing campaigns and recipes from our foodservice and retail initiatives. A hard copy of Feedback magazine is delivered bi-monthly to MLA members.


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Feedback magazine September/October 2017

Stories from the current edition of Feedback magazine include:
  • Welfare at work
  • Grass seed impact
  • Talking free trade
  • Low-stress handling
  • Integrity matters

Previous Editions


Feedback magazine July/August 2017

  • Investing in yards
  • Chinese taste test
  • What's on the plate?
  • Raising calving rates
  • Kikuyu companions


Feedback magazine May/June 2017

  • Next generation - ensuring red meat’s bright future
  • Objective measurement - supply chain rollout update
  • Leucaena, legumes and longevity
  • Brahman BIN outcomes
  • Targeting our biggest customer

Feedback magazine February/March 2017

  • Darren Hamblin shares how data drives productivity
  • Drones move from toys to tools
  • BusinessEDGE heads south
  • Delving into China - investment opportunities
  • myMLA - new online service tailored to you

Feedback magazine November/December 2016

  • Restaurateur Tim Burvill celebrates the rise of dry-aged meat
  • Who’s the consumer of the future?
  • New score guidelines for maternal ewes
  • Which weaning works best?
  • How CoMarketing is fast-tracking product development
Feedback magazine Aug/Sept 2016

Feedback magazine August/September 2016

  • Systems for profit
  • The livestock export evolution
  • Objective measurement: how will it help producers?
  • Focusing on the feedbase
  • Sharing red meat’s nutritional benefits
Feedback magazine May/June 2016

Feedback magazine May/June 2016

  • Elke Hocking and the power of information sharing
  • MLA’s value and future direction
  • The ins and outs of sheep eID
  • Gaining from leucaena
  • Finding new cuts of lamb

Feedback magazine March/April 2016

  • Producers share how research betters their enterprises
  • Sowing seeds of change
  • Trying out new genes
  • Methane mitigation
  • Meeting the consumer of 2025
 Feedback January_February 2016

Feedback magazine January/February 2016

  • Andrew MacDougall shares how he has lifted productivity
  • Why biosecurity should start on farm
  • Road-testing biomass
  • How MSA adds value for exporters and restaurants
  • Keeping beef and lamb on the menu

Feedback magazine November/December 2015

  • Life post the MLA Challenge
  • How your levies have delivered
  • Producer groups put pastures to the test
  • CoMarketing investments
  • Get more out of processor feedback

Feedback magazine September/October 2015

  • How the MLA Donor Company adds value
  • Advancing genetics in the northern cattle industry
  • Finding the right ram just got easier
  • All about phosphorus
  • Chef Aaron Brooks shares his love of lamb

Feedback magazine July/August 2015

  • Grazing crops pushing productivity
  • Have your say where MLA invests in R&D
  • Putting the profit into the pastoral zone
  • Carbon farming - strategies to reduce emissions
  • Riding the grassfed wave in the US
Feedback-magazine-May_June-2015_Cover.jpg Feedback magazine May/June 2015
  • Fertility focus breeds success
  • Beef export trends over 30 years
  • How worm egg counts work
  • Producers are Making More From Sheep
  • Growing demand in the banqueting sector
Feedback MarApr15 Feedback magazine March/April 2015
  • More Beef from Pastures program kick-starts change
  • The importance of good business data
  • On-farm emissions reductions
  • Managing pregnant cows
  • Hayden Quinn's fast meal solutions

Feedback magazine January/February 2015

  • How MSA is helping grow foodservice demand
  • A sneak peak how marketing campaigns are developed
  • Innovations in the processing sector
  • Best practice animal welfare
Feedback magazine November/December 2014 Feedback magazine November/December 2014
  • Bredwell Fedwell helping business
  • How Australia can meet growing demand
  • Best practice sheep welfare
  • Tools to help you follow the market
Feedback October 2014 Feedback magazine October 2014
  • MLA's latest spring lamb campaign
  • Why joining a producer group is good for business
  • Genetic progress
  • Going for it with grassfed
Feedback September 2014

Feedback magazine September 2014

  • Protecting Australia's meat safety reputation
  • Winning against seeds
  • What drives on-farm R&D adoption?
  • An app to build cooking confidence

Feedback magazine August 2014

 Feedback magazine August 2014
  • Tasmanians take out MLA Challenge
  • Sorting out your soils
  • Making cash from cows
  • Finding out what consumers want
Feedback magazine July

Feedback magazine July 2014

  • Informed eating: Responding to the meat- free movement
  • How producers are Making More from Sheep
  • Opportunities for southern beef producers to lift profitability
  • Inspiring chefs to use non-loin cuts

Feedback magazine June 2014

  • Pushing production with pasture
  • Emerging global food trends
  • New global brand for beef, lamb and goat
  • Benefits of producer education
Feedback magazine May 2014.jpg

Feedback May 2014

  • Unity key in trade talks
  • Strengthening lamb supply links
  • Using remotes in the remote
  • Energising the Japanese market
 Feedback magazine April 2014

Feedback April 2014

  • The benefits of benchmarking
  • The achievements of the Sheep CRC
  • Successsion planning for success
  • Working with butchers to grow domestic demand
Feedback magazine March 2014

Feedback March 2014

  • How reducing emissions is good for productivity
  • Fine tuning early joining of ewes
  • The limitations to liveweight gain in northern cattle
  • Turning emerging markets into customers
Feedback-magazine-January-February-2014_Cover.jpg  Feedback January/February 2014
  • Return on investmentLifting ewe condition scores
  • Renovation rescue-EverGraze findings in NSW's Central West
  • Bullseye-Working with processors to increase catttle compliance
  • The summer sizzle- Sam and Merrick share their barbie tips
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