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2013 editions of Feedback

Editions of MLA's Feedback Magazine from 2013 are available to view below:

 Feedback - November/December 2013
  • All fired up - Creating lamb masterpieces
  • Support role - Working with export partners to improve welfare
  • Disease control - R&D investment in Johne's disease management
  • Productive performer - Benefits of grazing barley in Victoria's Mallee
  • Out of the BIN - Brahman genetic knowledge grows
 Feedback - October 2013
  • Persistence pays off - EverGraze research reveals pasture performers
  • On the front foot - Keeping biosecurity threats at bay
  • The benefits of biodiversity in the Burdekin
  • Measuring the impact of reproductive diseases in cattle
  • The look of love - MLA's new spring lamb campaign
Feedback - September 2013
  • A strong finish - Bannockburn's Steve Munge talks feeding regimes
  • Weighty solutions - Research finds the best nutritional preparation for export cattle
  • Saltbush solutions - WA producers finding success with a hardy species
  • Demystifying decision making - The benefits of business coaching
  • Global trends in meat consumption
Feedback - August 2013 Edition
  • Setting the standard - A supply chain focused on MSA
  • Racking up demand - Strategies to grow the market for lamb in the US
  • EverGraze regional packages released
  • Taking the bite out of Australia's wild dog problem
  • Helen Springs PDS - Measuring genetic impacts
  Feedback - July 2013 Edition
  • Good condition - Managing ewes to wean more lambs
  • Shopping for genes - Considerations for buying bulls this season
  • Grazing strategies for the north 
  • Hello China - A growing market for Australian beef and lamb
  • Warm up with winter beef
Feedback - June 2013 Edition
  • Tough times in the north - managing through it.  
  • ASBVs - Traits for sheep parasite management.
  • Focusing on genetic gain in the north 
  • Productive partnerships - An update on PDS' in the south.
  • Industry collaboration - How co-funded marketing is opening doors.
Feedback - May 2013 Edition
  • Serving it up - keeping beef on the menu.
  • Meet the meat judges - Australian National Judging Team on industry tour in the US.
  • EverGraze - take a whole farm approach.
  • Ground force - putting dung beetles to work.
  • On-farm demonstrations - learn what northern Australia PDS' are up to.
Feedback - April 2013 Edition
  • Reporting in - Stan Watson, Livestock Market Officer at the saleyards.
  • Ground cover - producing more calves and lambs.
  • Remote control - new technologies for greater efficiency.
  • Sheep measles - finding answers to a costly problem. 
Feedback - March 2013 Edition
  • Livestock Data Link - carcase feedback made easy.
  • Lifting northern pasture productivity with legumes.
  • Parasite control - ewe and weaner management.
  • Nutritional knowledge - facts on meat consumption.
Feedback - January/February 2013 Edition
  • Mixing it up - breeding sheep compatible with the environment.
  • Taking stock - five indicators to gauge industry health.
  • Climate savvy beef - how to manage variability in the north.
  • Evergraze - making money from native pastures.

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