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2016 editions of Feedback

Editions of MLA's Feedback Magazine from 2016 are available to view below: 

Previous Editions

Feedback magazine November/December 2016

  • Restaurateur Tim Burvill celebrates the rise of dry-aged meat
  • Who’s the consumer of the future?
  • New score guidelines for maternal ewes
  • Which weaning works best?
  • How CoMarketing is fast-tracking product development
Feedback magazine Aug/Sept 2016

Feedback magazine August/September 2016

  • Systems for profit
  • The livestock export evolution
  • Objective measurement: how will it help producers?
  • Focusing on the feedbase
  • Sharing red meat’s nutritional benefits
Feedback magazine May/June 2016

Feedback magazine May/June 2016

  • Elke Hocking and the power of information sharing
  • MLA’s value and future direction
  • The ins and outs of sheep eID
  • Gaining from leucaena
  • Finding new cuts of lamb

Feedback magazine March/April 2016

  • Producers share how research betters their enterprises
  • Sowing seeds of change
  • Trying out new genes
  • Methane mitigation
  • Meeting the consumer of 2025
 Feedback January_February 2016

Feedback magazine January/February 2016

  • Andrew MacDougall shares how he has lifted productivity
  • Why biosecurity should start on farm
  • Road-testing biomass
  • How MSA adds value for exporters and restaurants
  • Keeping beef and lamb on the menu
Download previous editions of  Feedback magazine.