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2012 editions of Feedback

Editions of MLA's Feedback Magazine from 2012 are available to view below:

 Feedback - November/December 2012
  • Happy customers - keeping beef and lamb on the shopping list.
  • Grass seed damage - maintaining a clean flock this summer.
  • Breeder cow losses - new Northern Research paints stark picture.
  • Tassie beef - hits the MSA target.
 Feedback - October 2012
  • Productive and profitable - keeping our red meat industry at the forefront.
  • Managing climate risk - raising awareness about climate variability.
  • Enriching the diet - forage shrubs for animal production.
  • Phosphorus planning - the impact of phosphorus on productivity.
Feedback - September 2012
  • Market destinations - splitting the carcase to maximise its value.
  • Climate management - strategies for adapting to future change.
  • Meeting MSA specifications - how to get cattle there faster. 
  • A marketing masterpiece - raising demand for secondary cuts.
Feedback - August 2012 Edition
  • SNP chip - the revolutionary genetic tool.
  • Fertility insights - factors impacting on the likelihood pregnancy after calving.
  • Meat the elite - Meat Elite Australia (MEA) lifting sheepmeat productivity.
  • Tempting consumers - consumer sampling worldwide.
  Feedback - July 2012 Edition
  • Managing risk - strategies for not-so-risky business.
  • Re-connecting consumers - producers get linked into social media.
  • Precision livestock management - assessing its true potential.
  • Young merino mums - Victorian producers lift productivity.
Feedback - June 2012 Edition
  • Investing in people - the benefits of building skills in the meat industry.
  • Industry breakthroughs - three generations of the Beef CRC.
  • Livestock protection - taking the bite out of predators.
  • How to run more sheep with less labour.
Feedback - May 2012 Edition
  • Controlling costs - the benefits of knowing costs of production.
  • Animal welfare - reconciling community expectations and livestock industry practises.
  • Condition scoring calving - driving production with well managed fertility.
  • Winter management for high performance weaners.
Feedback - April 2012 Edition
  • Climate clever beef.
  • Going global - MLA's new approach to marketing.
  • Breed to succeed - top tips on ewe genetics and nutrition.
  • Profit from parasite control - strategic drenching strategies for heifers.
Feedback - March 2012 Edition
  • Tim Bowman tackles tropical pastures.
  • New research looks at MSA four and five star beef cuts.
  • Is time of shearing affecting your lambing?
  • How to optimise stocking rate in a variable climate.
Feedback - January/February 2012 Edition
  • 10 things you need to know about ewe scanning.
  • Target growth rates with our High Performance Weaners series.
  • MSA makes its mark at retail. 
  • Yard weaning at Yarrie Station.

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