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2015 editions of Feedback

Editions of MLA's Feedback Magazine from 2015 are available to view below:

Previous Editions


Feedback magazine November/December 2015

  • Life post the MLA Challenge
  • How your levies have delivered
  • Producer groups put pastures to the test
  • CoMarketing investments
  • Get more out of processor feedback

Feedback magazine September/October 2015

  • How the MLA Donor Company adds value
  • Advancing genetics in the northern cattle industry
  • Finding the right ram just got easier
  • All about phosphorus
  • Chef Aaron Brooks shares his love of lamb

Feedback magazine July/August 2015

  • Grazing crops pushing productivity
  • Have your say where MLA invests in R&D
  • Putting the profit into the pastoral zone
  • Carbon farming - strategies to reduce emissions
  • Riding the grassfed wave in the US
Feedback-magazine-May_June-2015_Cover.jpg Feedback magazine May/June 2015
  • Fertility focus breeds success
  • Beef export trends over 30 years
  • How worm egg counts work
  • Producers are Making More From Sheep
  • Growing demand in the banqueting sector
Feedback MarApr15 Feedback magazine March/April 2015
  • More Beef from Pastures program kick-starts change
  • The importance of good business data
  • On-farm emissions reductions
  • Managing pregnant cows
  • Hayden Quinn's fast meal solutions

Feedback magazine January/February 2015

  • How MSA is helping grow foodservice demand
  • A sneak peak how marketing campaigns are developed
  • Innovations in the processing sector
  • Best practice animal welfare
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