Cost of production beef, lamb & goat

Cost of production (CoP), measured in cents per kilogram, is an indication of the outlay required to produce each kilogram of meat for beef, sheep and goat.

For producers wanting to improve the performance of their meat-producing enterprise, a good understanding of the current health of the business is essential.

Cost of production is a key factor affecting the profitability of beef, sheep and goat producing businesses. Calculating your cost of production is an important step in assessing herd and flock performance and a first step to making change.

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The following case studies outline how producers would calculate their cost of production using the MLA Cost of Production calculator.

Mixed enterprise:

Northern beef:

Video: Calculating your cost of production

Watch this video to learn why knowing your cost of production can help you make improvements in your business, and how other producers have benefited.

Webinar: How to use the MLA’s Cost of Production Calculator and how it can help your business

Recorded: 16 February 2017
This webinar recording provides tips and advice for using MLA’s Cost of Production calculator. Guest presenter John Francis, of Holmes Sackett, runs through what information you need to use the calculator and why - whilst working through a real life example.

Webinar: Interpreting outputs of MLA's Cost of Production Calculator

Recorded: 23 February 2017
This webinar will provide you with tips and advice for using analysing and interpreting the results from MLA’s Cost of Production calculator. In this session, guest presenter John Francis of Holmes Sackett runs through how you can use the results from the calculator to identify what changes you may need to make to improve your profitability and what aspects of your business are running well or may need some tweaks.

Please note that the MLA Cost of Production Calculator has just undergone a major transformation. It now combines functionality for beef, sheep and goat enterprises, and has an updated user interface which we hope is more intuitive and user-friendly. The tool will now also be accessible from mobile devices. If you have any feedback or comments, please send us an email on Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new tool!

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