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A new tool for better grazing management

Australian Feedbase Monitor

The Australian Feedbase Monitor is a world-first tool to help producers improve grazing management, forage budgeting and ground cover.

The Australian Feedbase Monitor is FREE for MLA members* with a Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) account linked to their myMLA profile.


*The MLA membership application process can take up to two weeks. You will not be able to access this tool until the application has been formally approved. If you wish to access the tool in the meantime, there is a paid subscription service available via Cibo Labs:

If you have any issues accessing the Australian Feedbase Monitor, please contact Cibo Labs on

For MLA membership queries, please call 1800 023 100

The Australian Feedbase Monitor provides:

  • access to farm-level rolling monthly pasture biomass estimates for every Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) account holder, updated every five days
  • regionally calibrated predictions based on more than 6,000 sites, using world-leading satellite monitoring and data analysis systems
  • data showing the trends in pasture growth and ground cover dating back to 2017
  • support for more objective and accurate feed budgeting, leading to sustainable grazing management decisions.

Above: The Australian Feedbase Monitor allows producers to access monthly pasture biomass estimates specific to their unique Property Identification Code and individual land parcels, with data dating back to early 2017.

How will this tool help producers?

The Australian Feedbase Monitor will offer multiple benefits to producers and the wider red meat industry including:

  • supporting more objective and timely grazing decisions allowing an increase in production and the ability to meet market specifications
  • avoiding environmental or welfare issues in grazing enterprises due to increased ability to monitor and report on ground cover and pasture status and trends
  • increased consumer confidence in the environmental stewardship of red meat producers.

How to sign up

Want free access to the Australian Feedbase Monitor?

The free subscription to this tool can only be accessed by MLA members via myMLA, so make sure you’ve registered for myMLA and linked it to your current Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) account.

Not an MLA member?

You can still access the tool if you’re not currently an MLA member: