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Rangeland goat supplementation calculator


The Rangeland goat least-cost supplementation calculator was developed to allow Rangeland goats producers to compare the costs of supplements to reach a target live weight based on estimates and live weight gains derived from pen feeding studies with entire, male Rangeland goats.


The instructions worksheet for the calculator provides a detailed description of the context and paremeters within which the calculator is relevant. Individual circumstances will need to be taken into consideration when using the calculator and its important to regularly monitor the live weight of your goats and the availability of browse and pastures to ensure they are performing as expected, and to allow adjustments to suppplementation if required. For a visual example of how to use the calculator, please watch video three below - How to use the rangeland goat least cost supplementation calculator.


The calculator was developed by researchers from The University of Queensland with financial support from Meat & Livestock Australia (Project: B.GOA.0217). More detailed information on the experiments, the development of the calculator and the research team can be sourced from the final report, Response of Rangeland goats to supplements and development of a least-cost supplement-calculator.

Video resources:

1. Understanding why we supplement goats

2. The research and findings behind the Rangeland goat least-cost supplementation calculator

3. How to use the Rangeland goat least-cost supplementation calculator

Download the Goat supplementation calculator