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International markets

Australia exports red meat to over 100 countries, representing over 60% of the industry's total production.

With export markets playing an important role in the viability of Australia’s red meat industry, MLA's International Markets programs aim to foster the prosperity of the Australian red meat industry by growing demand for Australian products, by maintaining and improving access to global markets, by providing timely insights about global opportunities and by promoting Australia’s superior points of difference.

Southern Asia Greater China Europe and Russia Middle East and Northern Africa North America Korea Japan

MLA has offices located in these export markets to promote and grow demand for Australian red meat in global markets, and to position Australian beef, veal, lamb and goatmeat as high-quality products that offer enhanced customer enjoyment.  MLA conducts customised marketing and market access activities as well as a range of programs and activities across the globe, tailored to each key export market and distribution channel.  Australia's red meat brand True Aussie underpins MLA's international marketing activities globally.