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MLA on the ground

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MLA presents On the ground, a fortnightly podcast series providing the latest information and insights about Australia's domestic and international red meat markets.  

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Latest episode

Episode 17

Episode 17: Andrew Cox, Scott Cameron and MLA News

MLA has recently released a suite of new export statistics and insights from key global markets. In episode 17, MLA's General Manager – International Markets, Andrew Cox, discusses this new data and explores what else has been happening around the globe.

MLA's Domestic Market Customer Development Manager, Scott Cameron, also joins the podcast to give a rundown on the latest across Australian markets.

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Past episodes

Episode 1

Episode 1: USA, China, Japan market update

Episode one features an update from Andrew Cox, General Manager, International Markets plus detailed insights from MLA managers on the ground in Japan, China and the US who share the latest insights from each market and discuss the global implications of COVID-19 for the Australian red meat and livestock industry.

Episode 2

Episode two: Korea, UK, Indonesia and Australia update

In episode 2, we hear from MLAs National Customer Development Manager, Scott Cameron who sheds light on the drivers and marketing activities in the Australian Domestic market.

We discuss the latest situation in Indonesia with MLA’s Country Manager Valeska. Charlie Ko MLA’s Country Manager in Korea provides an update on the Covid-19 recovery and what impact this is having on the Australian red meat trade.

Lastly over to Europe where Market Access Manager Mary Johnson provides an update on FTA negotiations in the EU and Brexit.

Episode 3

Episode 3: COVID-19 economic research, China, Middle East and Thailand 

In episode three, hear a discussion on MLA’s latest COVID-19 economic research and the subsequent impact on Australia’s red meat exports. The team also discuss a massive month for beef exports to China, big wins on shelf life in the Middle East, and finally, a focus on Thailand, which was showing positive export volumes in 2020, however COVID-19 has resulted in a significant impact on the all-important tourism trade.

Episode 4

Episode 4: MLA’s trade statistics, Covid-19 impacts in the United States and Japan market update

In episode four, hear the latest analysis of MLA’s trade statistics which show the total value of red meat exports for Q1 2020 were up 20% on 2019. Also, with the Australian red meat industry leading the charge on shelf life and food safety, hear about recent developments and programs in this crucial area.

Finally, hear the latest from the US – which has seen a sharp contraction in production as well as the launch of an investigation into cattle markets, and we check-in with Japan, the number one destination for Australian beef in April.

Episode 5

Episode 5: MLA Managing Director Jason Strong, Singapore and Korea market updates and Manager of Market Intelligence Scott Tolmie.

In episode 5, Jason Strong MLA's Managing Director discusses how the Australian red meat industry is positioned to capture future opportunities.

Scott Tolmie, Market Intelligence Manager evaluates the global foodservice recovery. Singapore, despite challenges, is showing strong demand for Australian beef and lamb, we hear  the latest from Regional Manager Ellen Young  and we check in with Country Manager Charlie Ko in Korea.

Episode 6

Episode 6: Australian cattle and sheep supply, Vietnam's growth potential and Europe's sustainability strategy

In Episode 6, we take a close look at cattle and sheep supply data in Australia as the pricing indicators and sheep industry projections are released. We talk about Europe's Farm to Fork sustainability strategy as well as hear the latest on Brexit. We also look at Vietnam, a country with growth potential for Australian red meat.

Episode 7

Episode 7: latest beef and sheepmeat export statistics, the Australian domestic retail market and the impact of Covid-19 on our trade with the Middle East.

In episode 7, we evaluate the latest export statistics for May for beef and sheepmeat exports. We discuss the Australian domestic retail market and evaluate what impact the recession will have on purchasing habits.

To find out how Covid-19 has impacted on our trade with Saudi Arabia, we wiĺl cross to Meat & Livestock Australia's Middle East office for the latest evaluation.

Episode 8

Episode 8: our expert panel discuss the importance of a strong brand strategy as we enter a global economic recession

In episode 8, along with the latest news from around the globe, we evaluate the importance of a strong brand strategy as we enter a global economic recession. An expert panel consisting of brand guru Adam Ferrier, Andrew Cox and Scott Walker share some powerful insights and advice on how to strengthening branding of Australian red meat in international markets.

Episode 9

Episode 9: communicating sustainability on the global stage.

In Episode nine, we catch up on the latest news from around the globe with insights from China, US, Korea, Japan and the UK.

Communicating sustainability on the global stage is the theme of this week’s podcast. James Carson, talks us through the North Australian Pastoral Company’s establishment of the Five Founders carbon neutral branded beef. We also hear from Australian expat Amy Bell, the co-founder of The Meat Club Singapore, an online meat sales company leveraging the strong sustainability story of Australian beef and lamb to grow her business. 

Lastly, Majella Fernando provides a quick rundown on the CoMarketing support available for companies who undertake brand marketing activities.


Episode 10

Episode 10: the latest export statistics for June.

In this episode, we take a detailed look at the US as production recovers to pre Covid-19 levels. We also have the latest intelligence from China and news from around the globe.

Episode 11

Episode 11: the latest from on the ground in Japan and Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement

In episode 11 we cross to Japan, a consistently high performing destination for Australian beef. Hear the latest market trends and drivers from MLA’s Scott Walker on the ground in Tokyo. Andrew McDonald, chair of the UK & EU red meat market access taskforce, stops by to provide the latest developments on the Australia - United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement as the first round of negotiations conclude.

Episode 12

Episode 12: July export figures, cattle projections and Indonesia in focus

In Episode 12 Amy Drew provides a full update on the July export figures. Adam Cheetham joins us to look at last week’s forecasts from MLA cattle industry projections. We discuss the ever-changing retail and foodservice landscape in Australia with Scott Cameron, including the Covid-19 impacts and trends in the domestic red meat market. Indonesia is our global market in focus this week with the latest intelligence from Valeska and our team on the ground.

Episode 13

Episode 13: COVID impacts on the beef and sheepmeat trade in China and the Middle East beef trade recovery

In this episode, Joe Zhu, MLA Country Manager in China provides the latest evaluation of the Covid-19 impacts and factors influencing the beef and sheepmeat trade. The Middle East beef trade is showing positive signs of recovery, MLA’s Regional Manager Nick Meara will provide the latest evaluation. Also, check-in with Amy Drew for the latest global red meat industry news.

Episode 14

Episode 14: Korean market update and what Brexit has in store for the Australian red meat industry

In this Episode, MLA’s Regional Manager Scott Walker discusses the latest on the ground market evaluation of Korea. Autumn traditionally sees the launch of the Australian beef consumer campaign in Korea, we will hear how the plans this year have shifted due to the impacts of Covid.

We are also joined by Mary Johnson MLA’s Market Access manager in Europe provides the latest update from Europe with what Brexit has in store for the Australian red meat industry.

Episode 15

Episode 15: African Swine Fevers continued impact on the global protein market and concerns for domestic production in the US.

This week, Tim Ryan provides a trade and access update, with the latest impacts of the discovery of African Swine Fever in Germany and implications on the global protein market. Rob Williams will provide an update from the US where the cases of Covid-19 are on the rise in some states and a major lamb plant closure causing concerns for domestic production.

Episode 16

Episode 16: Lachie Hart CEO of Stockyard Beef, Japan Market Update and MLA News

This week, the issue of product integrity has been subject to a large amount of attention by the red meat industry. We catch up with Lachie Hart, CEO of Stockyard Beef, to talk about international customer requirements and how a pilot program underway is assisting capture their proven ancestry. Also a Podcast favourite Scott Walker, MLA’s Regional Manager in Japan stops by to provide a rundown of the latest consumer campaign.