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Producer consultation

MLA’s producer consultation process empowers grassfed beef and sheepmeat producers to directly influence the on-farm research, development and adoption (RD&A) activities their levies are invested in.

This process ensures national and regionally relevant RD&A priorities are identified to deliver optimum value to producers.

As a result of the producer consultation process, MLA has funded more than $50 million worth of projects that find solutions to producer priorities. The Producer Investment Call has attracted more than 600 submitted preliminary proposals from 83 different applicant organisations and has resulted in almost 70 contracted projects.

How does the process work?

Here’s a brief overview of the steps involved in the producer consultation process.

1. Regional committees identify priorities

The producer consultation process starts with producers communicating with one of 19 regional consultation committees throughout Australia. These independent, producer-driven committees operate under three Research Advisory Councils (RACs):

  1. North Australia Beef Research Council (NABRC)
  2. Southern Australia Livestock Research Council (SALRC)
  3. Western Australia Livestock Research Council (WALRC).

The 19 regional committees operating under each of the RACs listed above get together 1–2 times a year to:

  • identify the priorities for research, development and adoption in their regions
  • keep updated and have input into research relevant to their regions and priorities.

Check out the map under ‘Find a committee near you’ below for contact details relating to each committee.

2. Priorities are submitted to MLA and the Red Meat Panel

The priorities are submitted under the following program categories:

  • grassfed beef productivity
  • sheep productivity
  • animal wellbeing
  • sustainable feedbase
  • CN30.

Next, the priorities are submitted to the relevant MLA Program Managers who provide feedback on the priorities.

Following the chance to workshop the priorities with the RACs and the regional committees, the priorities are delivered to the Red Meat Panel which is made up of members from each of the RACs, members of the Peak Industry Councils, an independent chair and an MLA representative. MLA works with the Red Meat Panel and the producer chairs to identify the scope, impact and scale of the research needed to address the priorities.

3. Producer Investment Call

Once the ‘Terms of Reference’ have been developed following the Red Meat Panel workshops, MLA begins the Producer Investment Call. The Producer Investment Call seeks the submission of proposals for RD&A projects that are aligned with the priorities submitted by WALRC, NABRC and SALRC.

Find out more about the Producer Investment Call process and past calls.

Find a committee near you

Want to have your say on where your levies are invested? Find a committee near you by searching the map below.

If you have any questions about which committee to connect with, contact the relevant council for your region:

Members of the Red Meat Panel

Red Meat Panel Chair

John Webster

NABRC members

Dr John Taylor

Richard Cox 
NABRC Producer Chair

Nina House
NABRC Producer Chair

WALRC members

Dr Bronwyn Clarke

Matt Camarri
WALRC Producer Member

Michael Humphry 
WALRC Producer Member

SALRC members

Ian Rogan

Ben Young
SALRC Regional Producer Chair

Lisa Anderson
SALRC Regional Producer Chair

Peak Industry Council members

Bonnie Skinner
CEO Sheep Producers Australia

Bindi Murray 
Board Director Sheep Producers Australia

Adam Coffey
Interim CEO Cattle Australia

David Stoate 
Policy Council Member Cattle Australia

MLA member

David Beatty
MLA Group Manager – Productivity & Animal Wellbeing

Expert Panel Chair (observer)

Richard Shephard

Current producer priorities

Priorities identified by producers through the regional committees are consolidated by NABRC, SALRC and WALRC.