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Western Australian Livestock Research Council (WALRC)


MLA strongly encourages grassfed beef and sheepmeat producers across southern WA to connect with WALRC to contribute to the future direction of levy-payer funded research, development and adoption in their area.

WALRC members include sheepmeat and grassfed beef producers, MLA, CSIRO, WA universities and natural resource management and agricultural consultancy groups.

The primary task of the producer members of WALRC is to review research, development and adoption project proposals that respond to the needs of red meat producers in southern WA.

To optimise the effectiveness of this review process, WALRC members are obligated to ensure they are well connected with the red meat industry and actively participate in WALRC priority setting forums. WALRC operates to connect WA’s red meat research community with the producers they service.

To learn more about the producer members who work with WALRC click on the chart above (TBC).