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Red Meat Integrity System

Integrity Systems Company (ISC) is responsible for Australia’s world-leading red meat integrity system which guarantees the integrity of Australia’s $18.4 billion red meat industry to our customers

Australia’s paddock to plate red meat integrity system consists of:

  • food safety measures
  • quality assurance
  • traceability

The system protects the disease-free status of Australian red meat and underpins the marketing of our product as clean, safe and natural.

On-farm assurance programs

ISC manages and delivers the Australian red meat industry’s three key on-farm assurance and through-chain traceability programs:

Digital Value Chain

ISC is also responsible for the development and delivery of the Digital Value Chain Strategy which will ensure the Australian red meat industry can make better use of existing and new data. The strategy will deliver improved feedback systems for producers including Livestock Data Link (LDL).