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Preparing for market

The preparation of livestock for market is a detailed process that begins with business planning. It is essential that producers understand the management practices that assist in maximising returns.

Market preparation includes:

Understanding market specifications

Ensuring the enterprise is producing livestock the market wants will make the business as profitable as possible.

Understanding selling options

Optimising the return when livestock are sold is a key determinant of profitability and being able to do this repeatedly is important to managing a successful business where producers market their livestock more effectively and negotiate from an informed position of strength.

Breeding and selecting livestock for target markets

This is achieved by selecting for positive traits and culling for negative traits. This will affect the quality and consistency of the livestock produced and the profitability of the enterprise.

Supplying markets

The quality of the livestock supplied to the market will influence the ultimate destination of the meat product.

Understanding market programs

Producers can access various market programs, including those run by feedlots and supermarkets, as part of their marketing and selling strategy and to differentiate their product.

Regardless of the enterprise, taking the appropriate steps and actions to prepare livestock for market will assist in ensuring the continued success of the business.