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PGS for producers

Do you want to learn about genetics, the value chain, feedbase or managing people and business? 

Specialist coaches are available to develop and deliver training courses tailored to your needs.

Three good reasons to get involved in Profitable Grazing Systems:

  • It is a flexible program that enables you and your coach to develop a training package responsive to your area, your needs and your conditions.
  • PGS takes a whole-of-farm business approach to improve business performance and drive profit.
  • You work with small groups of like-minded producers with an experienced coach to support you.

All packages work on building skills which improve on-farm outcomes in productivity, profitability, sustainability and wellbeing. This is achieved by coaches who work closely with you in small groups and one-on-one in a range of settings, including on-farm.

PGS packages

PGS packages are available in two platforms:

  1. A coach, in consultation with producers, can develop a specific package which meets producer needs and fills skill and knowledge gaps. This package must align with the PGS curriculum and be approved by MLA.
  2. "Off-the-shelf". PGS has developed a range of packages which can be modified for delivery to groups of producers. Topics include planning for dry times, how to make infrastructure investment decisions, beef breeding, managing lamb processing compliance, soil management and business essentials. PGS also has agreements with packages where the IP is owned by a third party - such as Lifting Lamb Survival and Pasture Principals.

Read our factsheet or watch our video resources to learn more.