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PGS for deliverers

To support ongoing gains in Australia's red meat and livestock sector, PGS is seeking coaches who can work with producers using existing supported learning packages or packages they develop themselves.

PGS coaches come from a range of backgrounds but, generally, becoming a coach involves stepping from the advisory space into coaching which may involve small groups or individuals. PGS supports program delivery with small groups using a range of learning platforms and situations and, at times, uses one-on-one delivery.

How PGS coaching works

There are two ways coaches can work with PGS:

  1. Delivering existing producer packages which have already been developed by PGS or deliverers who have IP agreements for delivery with PGS.
  2. Developing, designing and delivering your own training package which aligns with the PGS curriculum and has the approval and support of PGS.

PGS offers training in the delivery of existing packages, including those where the IP is owned by a third party, and support in the preparation of a new training package, where the developer either retains the IP and enters an arrangement with MLA for its use by PGS or develops the package for PGS.

Support is also available for recruitment, promotion and delivery.

Want to know more? Contact your state co-ordinator to find out how you can work with PGS.

Why should I get involved?

As a coach, you will have access to:

  • Quality professional development (such as Livestock Advisors Professional Development workshop);
  • Skilled and motivated producers;
  • Opportunities to license training packages of your own;
  • A network of skilled and motivated extension personnel; and
  • MLA support and promotion.

Applications can be made at any time. To apply or find out more about becoming a PGS coach, contact your State Coordinator for more information.


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