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Livestock Genetics Forum 2022

05 Apr 2022 08:30AM - 06 Apr 2022 12:30PM

Location: Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA

Speakers from throughout the supply chain and research organisations will unpack a range of topics including how producers can use breeding values to prepare to capture benefits from objective carcase measurement and associated pricing signals.

Genetics needs to become part of the future tools the industry can use to help tackle our variable climate. Attendees will hear about what new traits are being investigated, how producers are changing their breeding programs and listen to a panel discussion on the big issues we will need to adapt to.

A session designed for seedstock producers will discuss how key tools have been implemented into breeding programs and some of the science behind these tools that will accelerate breeding programs.

An interactive session for commercial producers will discuss the key levers to pull to make sure their herd or flock is bred to optimise performance.”

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