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National Beef Genetics Advisory Committee 2007-2021

Project start date: 14 June 2006
Project end date: 31 August 2006
Publication date: 31 August 2006
Project status: Completed


As part of the National Beef Genetics Improvement Program, MLA appointed a Beef Genetics Advisory Committee to operate at a strategic level of the industry.   The Beef Genetics Advisory Committee performed two broad functions.  These were to:
1. Provide advice to MLA on:Delivery to commercial, seedstock, feedlot and processor sectors of the beef industry
The best mix of Research, Development & Implementation(R, D & I) Projects
Monitoring of progress on the Beef Genetics Strategic Plan and current operational Projects
Future strategic directions for National R, D & I in Beef Genetics.

2. Provide progress reports to Industry through:Meetings of the Southern Australia Beef Research Committee (SABRC) and the Northern Australia Beef Research Committee (NABRC)
Annual National Beef Industry Genetics Forum.