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Supporting the Leucaena Network – national research and the regional adoption outcomes for a highly productive beef industry

Did you know that producers can now access detailed factsheets, developed by The Leucaena Network, for information on the best ways to grow leucaena?

Project start date: 15 December 2017
Project end date: 15 March 2020
Publication date: 07 January 2020
Project status: In progress
Livestock species: Grassfed cattle
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The Leucaena Network is an industry body of producers that supports leucaena research and facilitates extension and adoption throughout northern Australia.

This project supported The Leucaena Network to increase the awareness of national research and regional adoption activities for potential, new and established leucaena producers.

In 2020, The Leucaena Network will focus on finding new opportunities for research on practice change and adoption strategies to enhance the Australian grazing industry.


This project supported extension services for leucaena-based pastures and aimed to achieve on-farm practice change through:

  • promoting the Best Management Code of Practice
  • providing training to support industry collaboration and improve property productivity
  • coordinating researchers and extension officers to implement on-farm research and demonstration activities
  • communicating the latest information, case studies and economic returns to stakeholders to create a productive beef industry based on leucaena.

Key findings

  • The Leucaena Network hosted a forum for councils, which resulted in an action plan to develop strategies for leucaena regulation within individual councils. They will continue to liaise with these local governments in 2020 and 2021.
  • A review of the Leucaena Code of Practice found a customised code of practice may be needed for each state and territory due to their differing environmental regulations.
  • The Leucaena Network field days highlighted the need for local, state and federal government representatives to visit properties to witness the viability and environmental benefits of leucaena.
  • All participants indicated that the days were of value to their business and their attendance was a good investment.
  • The Leucaena Network developed eight fact sheets to complement the MLA Guide to Leucaena Establishment and Management. This series provides a detailed introduction on how to establish leucaena.

Benefits to industry

Producers who understand best practice for leucaena establishment and maintenance contribute to a successful grazing industry. Extending leucaena extension services, promoting the adoption of research findings and achieving profitable practice change is a key role for The Leucaena Network. Continuing and expanding these activities will greatly benefit the Australian beef industry.

MLA action

  • The Leucaena Network is working to secure the self-regulated status of the leucaena grazing industry by collaborating with state and territory governments and local councils throughout Queensland to mitigate environmental concerns
  • In 2020, The Leucaena Network will develop a Leucaena for Industry workshop to provide a comprehensive introduction to leucaena establishment and management.

  • Following the success of the workshops, combined with accelerated interest in leucaena, The Leucaena Network plans on extending the workshops to capacity building and agronomy services in areas where leucaena production is expanding.

  • The Leucaena Network will also continue activities including newsletters, field days, webinars, and you-tube videos providing information and advice for existing and potential leucaena growers

  • MLA has established a Producer Demonstration Site for sustainable long term leucaena grass production in northern Australia. This project will be on-going until 2023.

Future research

A key focus of future activities of The Leucaena Network should be on capacity building of extension services in areas where leucaena production is emerging or expanding.

The Leucaena Network is also actively involved with research into sterile leucaena varieties, as well as the development of a methodology for cattle methane emissions.

Projects that provide long term management strategies for leucaena and support the ongoing financial and agronomic viability of established leucaena pastures are important to support production of high-value beef.

More information

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