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MSA delivers record farm gate return of $204m in 2021-22

16 January 2023

In 2021–22, the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) program delivered an estimated $204 million in farm gate returns.

These returns come as a result of the year-on-year growth of the program, which now underpins 193 beef and 22 sheep brands. In recent years, MSA has increased its focus on greater use and value extracted from carcases and improved on-farm performance.

Continuing the record trend, MSA-graded cattle made up to 55% of the national adult slaughter.  Supplied by nearly 10,000 beef producers across Australia, 3.25 million cattle were processed through 39 licenced processors, with Queensland processing 1.62 million head – the greatest number of MSA-graded cattle in Australia. Compliance to MSA standards was at an equal record, with 95.5% of cattle meeting minimum requirements. New South Wales had the highest compliance to MSA minimum requirements at 97.6%, up from 96.8% in 2020–21.

Compliance for non-grainfed cattle remained stable at 91.7% compared to previous years, while there was a slight decrease in compliance for grainfed cattle to 98.1%. Non-compliance peaked in September 2021, with the main reasons for non-compliance being attributed to high ultimate pH (over 5.70) and rib fat less than 3mm. The proportion of grainfed cattle grew in 2021–22, representing 62% and non-grainfed cattle 38% of MSA-graded cattle. 

In 202122, the average Index for MSA-compliant carcases was 57.37, a slight decrease of 0.25 from 202021. Nationally, there was a 5% increase in the use of Hormonal Growth Promotant (HGP) by producers across some categories.

The full 2021-22 MSA Annual Outcome Report can be read here.