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Nutrition EDGE

Nutrition EDGE is a three-day workshop covering all aspects of ruminant nutrition. Participants will be able to make better decisions to achieve their herd performance targets through improved breeder fertility, weight gains, reduced mortality, optimal use of supplements and overall management.

Attending this workshop will help you to:

  • better understand how the nutritional requirements vary between different classes of cattle and sheep
  • learn practical ways to assess the feed value of plants and potential animal production
  • know how to select the right type of supplement
  • understand a feed label to ensure your livestock receive the nutrients they require
  • implement more cost-effective supplementary and drought feeding programs
  • implement well-planned management decisions in response to changes in seasonal conditions
  • how you can develop a nutritional strategy that benefits your bottom line.

What this workshop covers:

  • digestion and nutrients
  • pasture intake, quality and diet quality
  • pasture growth, intake and forage budgeting
  • calculating a forage budget
  • mineral nutrition
  • diagnosing deficiencies
  • supplementation and other tools
  • supplement groups
  • reading a label
  • practical nutrition management defining production targets.

Whilst not a pre-requisite, Nutrition EDGE is a perfect next step from MLA's BredWell FedWell workshop.

Producer testimonials

“Possibly the best few days I have had in some time in opportune change for business!”

“It is great for learning about investing in feed programs and what is cost beneficial and not.”

“Our expectations are driven by productivity, so any skills/knowledge gained will be invested into the business.”

“Best practical course I have attended.”

“I found it very beneficial in regard to being able to better spend money on correct lick.”

Find a Nutrition EDGE course near you

Nutrition EDGE courses are run across Australia. To find a Nutrition EDGE course in your area, visit MLA’s events calendar.


If you can’t find an event near you, please submit an Expression of Interest and we’ll pass your details on to your local deliverer.