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The red meat integrity system

Integrity Systems Company (ISC) is a subsidiary of MLA responsible for the delivery of Australia’s world-leading red meat integrity system, which ensures Australian red meat is safe to eat and fully traceable.  

MLA logo, ISC logo and LPA and NLIS double diamond

Incorporating food safety, quality and traceability, the integrity system underpins the livestock selling system giving confidence to buyers, retailers and consumers. Ultimately, Australia’s red meat integrity system ensures our livestock industry can stand by what it sells.  

Take a look at the video below to find out more about the red meat integrity system delivered by ISC or visit the ISC website for more information.

On-farm assurance programs

ISC manages and delivers the Australian red meat industry’s three key on-farm assurance and through-chain traceability programs:

National Vendor Declarations

LPA and NLIS double diamond The NVD is a legal document that both guarantees the safety of red meat products and enables the traceability of those products along each link in the value chain.

The eNVD web-based system and eNVD mobile app are available for LPA accredited producers, feedlots and value chain stakeholders to use. Digital consignments are fast, easy and more accurate than paper forms, delivering time and efficiency savings.

Take a look at the videos below to learn how to use the eNVD web-based system and mobile app.

Alternately, hard copy NVD books can be purchased in your LPA account via myMLA.

An integrated integrity system

The two key elements of the integrity system – LPA and NLIS – work together to ensure Australian red meat is safe to eat and fully traceable. These elements are connected through:

Diagram showing the integrated integrity system

More information and help with integrity

Contact ISC Customer Service for more help with integrity at or on 1800 683 111 between 8am and 7pm (AEDT), Monday to Friday.

Sign up to or read past editions of ISC’s monthly newsletter, Integrity Matters, for practical help and information on LPA, NLIS, NVDs and more. You can also follow ISC’s Twitter account and Facebook page for additional news and updates on integrity, or visit ISC’s website to access a large range of practical tools and how-to guides to provide further assistance with integrity programs.