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2023 Summer (Soils) Field Day

06 Dec 2023 08:30AM - 06 Dec 2023 04:30PM

Location: ‘Woburn’, 98 Gadens Road, Bungarby, NSW

Cost: Free

MLA’s Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) program supports producers to adapt, validate and demonstrate the business value of integrating new management practices/skills into their local systems.​

Overview of the PDS

  • Demonstrate effective management strategies to address the autumn/winter feed gaps in the Mediterranean zone to increase productivity, reduce risk and improve profitability.​
  • Demonstrate the application of improved grazing practices to benefit productivity and sustainability, including the use of commercial tools and technologies. ​
  • Demonstrate adaptation to climate variability within a region through business planning, enterprise mix and risk management strategies.​

What’s on the agenda?

  • GrazprophetConsulting – findings and results of MLA Producer Demonstration Site ‘Winter Feed Gap 2019’ ​
  • Dr Richard Simpson – 2023 Soils Report and results from plant tissue testing (boron deficiency)​
  • Edward McGeoch, Rabobank – commodity outlook ​
  • Rebecca Haling, CSIRO – updates on serradella trial and other factors important for successful establishment of serradellas​
  • SpecialisedLivestock Services – parasite control advice with a focus on worm control, utilising data from diagnostics with the Monaro, and trends from previous worm egg counts.​


For more information and to RSVP:

Frances Lomas
0456 948 892

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