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BredWell FedWell Southern Beef Pilot – Surf Beach VIC

09 Feb 2023 08:30AM - 09 Feb 2023 04:00PM

Grain-fed Cattle Grain-fed Cattle
Grass-fed Cattle Grass-fed Cattle

Location: Cleeland Pastoral, 1510 Phillip Island Road, Surf Beach, Phillip Island, VIC 3922

BredWell FedWell (BWFW) is a practical, one-day workshop that introduces the key production benefits of superior genetics, plus feed management for improved reproductive performance and livestock productivity. The Program has been redeveloped and is being piloted before broader implementation due in 2023.

Producers are invited to be part of the Southern beef pilot in Victoria – places are limited.

Producers will be able to use the outcomes of the workshop to boost productivity through a genetics and nutrition regime suited to their environment and markets.

What you will learn:

  • Develop a customised breeding plan for your beef enterprise aligned to your profit drivers
  • Identify sires and select animals that help you achieve your breeding plan
  • Learn about feeding animals well to achieve your objective and maximise your genetic investment.

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