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Ebor Beef Forum - The Future of Beef

11 Sep 2024 08:30AM - 11 Sep 2024 05:00PM

Grain-fed Cattle Grain-fed Cattle
Grass-fed Cattle Grass-fed Cattle

Location: Armidale, NSW

Cost: $50 per head for non-members

Ebor Beef host a forum every two years. This year the topic is The Future of Beef. MLA's Managing Director: Michael Crowley will be a key speaker at the event. We will be asking the questions:

• What does a sustainable beef industry look like to Beef Farmers? How are we trackingto get to Carbon Neutral 2030 as per MLA goals.
• How can we ensure a fair spread of responsibility to share the load from paddock to plate for Australia’s quest for Carbon Neutrality?
• What regulations will Government place on farmers to reduce emissions and how can we get ahead of the legislation and control the process?
• What are the changes in ‘doing business’ that you foresee with the quest for Carbon Neutrality?
• Where is extra value for the Cattle Producer and in what areas may producers receive a discount in the future?
* How can producers benefit from their on farm natural capital.
* Nutritional information for Beef Producers from Birth to Feedlot.
* Biodiversity Credits and how to benefit from biodiversity on your farm.


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