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Feed365 Spring Field Day | Katanning, WA

17 Sep 2024 10:00AM - 17 Sep 2024 03:00PM

Sheep Sheep
Lamb Lamb

Location: Katanning, WA

FEED365 is a four-year project (2021–2025) under the SheepLinks program that engages sheep producers and allied industries to re-design livestock forage systems for grazing all-year-round in Mediterranean environments.

The SheepLinks program is a partnership between the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), to underpin the future prosperity of the sheep industry in Western Australia.

FEED365 will evaluate forage species from a wide selection of traditional and novel species under grazing at the DPIRD Katanning Research Station (see photos 1 and 2). These include:

  • perennial legumes and grasses
  • annual legumes and grasses
  • specialist winter forages such as forage brassicas and forage cereals
  • grazing crops
  • opportunistic summer forages such as C4 tropical grasses
  • crop stubbles
  • shrubs.

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