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GLM EDGE | Rockhampton, QLD

21 Aug 2024 08:00AM - 23 Aug 2024 05:00PM

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Location: Rockhampton, QLD

The cost is usually $1,950 + GST per person and $1,650 for 2nd and 3rd person from the same business. The cost to attend this GLM workshop in Rockhampton will be $800 + GST* for 1 person from a business; $675 + GST* for 2nd and 3rd person from the same business (primary producers only).

*Discounted prices are possible thanks to support from The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries through the Reef Water Quality program. Cost includes comprehensive set of Workshop Notes, Workbook, decision support spreadsheet tools and all catering.

Grazing land management (GLM) EDGE is a three-day workshop to give you a thorough understanding of the grazing land environment in which you operate – it will provide you with knowledge to strategically manage your grazing business so you can optimise your land condition and productivity in the long-term.

Attending this workshop will help you to:

• understand how your land types influence productivity
• recognise the dominant land types in your region and on your property
• critically assess different grazing systems
• understand how soil properties influence plant growth
• understand soil health and the factors that impact on it
• know what land condition is, how it’s assessed, and how to manage livestock to maintain or achieve good condition
• understand the role of fire in your country
• understand the role of sown pastures in grazing and legumes, including the management of pasture rundown and pasture dieback
• understand the principles and planning steps for successfully managing weeds.

What you will learn:

• selective grazing, its function, and how to reduce impacts
• how to identify key plant species
• the ecosystem processes that underpin productivity
• basic principles of effective grazing systems
• how to assess long term carrying capacity of paddocks and properties
• forage budgeting to manage variation in pasture on offer
• how to choose appropriate tools and strategies to improve land condition and carrying capacities
• methods of reclaiming severely degraded grazing land.

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