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Southern Rangelands Grazing land management EDGE | Nonning Station SA

09 Oct 2023 09:30AM - 09 Oct 2023 05:00PM

Grain-fed Cattle Grain-fed Cattle
Grass-fed Cattle Grass-fed Cattle
Sheep Sheep
Goat Goat
Lamb Lamb

Location: Nonning Station

Cost: Free. Your ticket to these workshops has been fully subsidised by the From the Ground Up project.

All people with an interest in the pastoral industry can look forward to a new regionalised training program to help upskill workers in grazing land management and livestock production. This training has been designed specifically for the SA Arid Lands pastoral context by Meat & Livestock Australia’s EDGEnetwork and experienced rangelands advisors.

Who should attend?

All people working in the SA pastoral industry. This includes red meat and wool producers, pastoral managers, station hands, contractors, advisors and students interested in a future in the pastoral industry.

What’s in it for you?

You will learn to understand grazing land management, the fundamentals of rangelands soils and livestock production in a one-day course that will include classroom leaning and hands-on training. On completion, you will be able to identity land types, build knowledge of native pasture plants, develop strategies to manage land condition, understand how to manage nutritional requirements of livestock and estimate the long and short-term stock carrying capacity.

Deliverers: Dionne Walsh (Range IQ), Deb Scammell (Talking Livestock) and Tanisha Shields (Agrista).

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