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Capability building


MLA engages with scientists, researchers and value chain partners in a range of capability building initiatives to improve the industry’s skillset, accelerate adoption and create a long-lasting workforce for the Australian red meat industry.

A skilled and capable workforce is critical to allow the red meat industry to deliver on the targets set out in its strategic plans and build a more profitable, sustainable and resilient industry.

Investing in building the capability of the industry’s workforce ensures there are early and mid-career scientists and producer advisors with the skills and experience required to serve the industry long into the future.

Core activities

MLA’s capability building initiatives include:

  • developing general industry capability between partnering companies
  • investing in digital value or supply chain officers
  • maintaining memberships to innovation institutes
  • investigating or designing innovation and business models, feasibility studies and other activities
  • building leadership capability of CEOs across the supply chain
  • encouraging skills development and staff retention of the Australian red meat workforce.

Support programs include: 

Benefits to industry

  • MLA’s investments into capability building helps foster the prosperity of the Australian red meat and livestock industry by investing in industry leaders, innovators and scientists to enhance business skills and build a sustainable, long term workforce for the industry.
  • Investment in digital value or supply chain officers assist companies to develop a whole-of-value chain digital strategy that leverages the best solutions and improves the productivity and profitability of the value chain.