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Improving regulatory efficiency and consistency through standardised export declarations

The Livestock Export Program is developing standardised export declarations for live cattle exports to South East Asian markets.

Project start date: 01 September 2021
Project end date: 31 December 2021
Project status: In progress
Livestock species: Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Lamb
Relevant regions: National


Australian livestock exporters are required to produce a series of declarations and documentation to demonstrate that the animals they are supplying meet international market access requirements.

The livestock export industry is keen to pursue opportunities to standardise paperwork to support increased market access and the potential for digital documentation in the future. This will minimise inefficiencies associated with the development of standalone declarations and ensure consistency across the industry.

This project will review the documentation for the export of cattle to South East Asia and identify opportunities to clarify regulatory requirements and support business efficiencies.


The objectives of this project are to:

  • undertake a review of export documentation for selected South East Asian markets and clarify regulatory requirements relating to export declarations (including through consultation with state, territory and Commonwealth governments).
  • develop standard document(s) for declarations to export to all South East Asian cattle markets and develop a plan for implementation.
  • develop a plan for the extension of document standardisation to other major export markets.

Benefits to industry

The standardisation of export documentation will support increased business efficiencies and productivity by creating consistent declarations to meet market access requirements.

This process will also lay the groundwork for the extension of standardised declarations to other major export markets in the future.

More information

Project manager: Nick Baker
Contact email:
Primary researcher: Unique Excellence