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North Australia Beef Producer Survey.

Project start date: 01 January 1989
Project end date: 01 March 1992
Publication date: 01 March 1992
Project status: Completed
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For five years prior to this report, the Meat Research Corporation (formerly AMLRDC) funded a large program known as the North Australia Program (NAP1) to investigate methods of improving beef production in northern Australia. Further research is was planned and this was incorporated in a program known as NAPZ. To obtain baseline information against which the success of this program might be assessed in future years, a survey of beef producers was conducted in December 1990. The objectives of the survey were:

(i) to provide information on property infrastructure, practices and issue of importance to producers in northern Australia;

(ii) to identify and prioritise issues from the producers' perspective to improve property profitability and for research and development.

This report provides a brief summary of key findings from the survey.

More information

Project manager: Nigel Tomkins
Primary researcher: Queensland Department of Primary Industries