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Reducing stressors on cattle in road transport: Part 3 Technical Report

Project start date: 01 January 1989
Project end date: 01 December 1992
Publication date: 01 December 1992
Project status: Completed
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The Australian beef industry must address the key issues of animal welfare, production efficiency and profitability if it is to remain viable. These issues are particularly relevant to the cattle transport industry. Modifying road trains to minimise dust levels around cattle. during transport would help to reduce animal welfare concerns. Lower dust levels may also improve final meat quality and reduce costs, resulting in improVed efficiency and profitability within the Australian beef industry.

These are important issues for an industry facing growing competition on international markets and from alternative protein sources. Project DAQ.070 investigated whether modified cattle handling and transport practices would reduce stress on cattle and improve final carcass quality. The project focused on the effects of different loading ramp designs and modifications designed to reduce dust levels in cattle crates during transport.

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Project manager: Johann Schroder
Primary researcher: QDPI