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Value added processed meat seminars

Project start date: 01 January 1990
Project end date: 01 February 1992
Publication date: 01 February 1992
Project status: Completed
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MLA and its industry partners have funded a variety of support projects for the meat product innovation program. These include:

Conferences & Meetings

Sponsorship Food Structures, Digestion and Health Conference 2013 (A.MPM.0036)
New products, Co-product and Value adding Innovation Training Workshops (A.MQA.0018)

An ex-post review of program investment to articulate the industry and social benefits arising from co-investment by industry and Government in the development and launch of new value added products over the period from 1998 - 2015. These benefits will be those arising from the investment made by MLA and its partners over the period 1998 – 2008 (SA.CIS.0021). The resulting report is located on MLA web site as part of MLA's evaluation series.

Study of the Australian red meat processing sector and its contribution to national and regional economies (A.CIS.0016).

More information

Project manager: Michael Lee
Primary researcher: International Food Institute of Queensland