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Commercialisation of VARM in the Aged Care Market

Project start date: 10 October 2005
Project end date: 10 October 2006
Publication date: 01 November 2006
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle
Relevant regions: National
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Biannual reports of Global New Product Development trends and findings from Trade shows and conferences of emerging science and technology platforms were completed and disseminated. The reports include collation of market intelligence on new products and identification of trends in order to stimulate new red meat product development.
Drawing on this information and on ideas from trade shows such as IFFA, Germany; International Non-thermal Food Processing Workshop FIESTA, Melbourne; and Fine Foods Australia series, three areas of promise were identified:

Pulled Meats  - proof of concepts using Belgium shredding machine
Using combination of technologies (moisture infusion; HPP, SmartShape) to cook medium well steak in an impingement (pizza) oven
Developing protocols for grading the quality of De-sinewed Minced Meat (DMM) using X-ray / NIR assays
Value adding communication
Project A.MPM.0028 covers the costs associated with the purchase/development of communication material, publications, printing, and presentations at conferences related to the Value Adding program to demonstrate the benefits of these outcomes to the industry.

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Project manager: Antoine Valterio
Primary researcher: Mary Whelan Food Services