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Establishing Introduced Pasture Grasses

Project start date: 01 January 2004
Project end date: 01 December 2006
Publication date: 01 December 2006
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Jarra and Strickland grasses did not establish well in the very poor 2002-03 wet season when sown on cultivated fertilised areas at seven sites across the Sturt Plateau. The grasses did persist over three variable years under a range of grazing pressures, and when sown into areas already established with perennial pasture grasses such as Buffel and Sabi. The grasses were readily eaten by stock (and locusts at one location) and did set seed at all locations. However, over the three years of the project, spread and production has been limited. At more than one site, the species had increased significantly during the good 2005/06 wet season (year 4) competing successfully with other improved grass species.

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Project manager: Cameron Allan
Primary researcher: MLA