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Northern beef industry remote management technologies: practices, research and potential

Project start date: 15 June 2006
Project end date: 02 April 2007
Publication date: 01 December 2006
Project status: Completed
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The remote management technologies project has thoroughly investigated the range of remote management technologies currently being used and researched, both in the beef industry and in other industries. The project has focussed on the components of technology required to capture data, quantify parameters, transmit and receive information. Investigation of the capacity available was also evaluated with a listing of individuals, groups and organisations capable of providing these products and services.

Significant interest from producers, researchers and manufacturers was expressed during the course of the project with a consistent message that this technology is seen as one of the more promising paths to reducing overheads and a potential source of research interest and product development over the coming decade.

Most interest is currently focussed on water monitoring technologies as this is thought to be one of the most simple methods of reducing costs, however of blue-sky opportunities were also investigated.

A number of biggest bang for your buck recommendations have been made with a listing of opportunities for investment identified. These opportunities focus on not only investment in equipment and technologies but also in the development of capacity including training and training materials to design, customise and install systems.

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Project manager: Mick Quirk
Primary researcher: Kondinin Information Services Pty L