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Customising the Grazing Land Management Education Workshop to the Mackay Whitsundays region of Queensland

Project start date: 01 May 2007
Project end date: 07 November 2007
Publication date: 01 September 2007
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle
Relevant regions: Dry
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Customisation of the regionally specific GLM packages involved the following steps: 
1. Collating locally-relevant publications, information, photos and data sets. 
2. Developing a land type framework derived from producer surveys, reference material and discussions with agency staff. 
3. Developing a local case study property which is used to demonstrate the financial and natural resource management implications of changed grazing management practices on land condition. 
4. Reviewing materials at a technical review and pilot workshop, which includes local producers, who provide critical feedback to the development team. 
5. Publication, which includes formatting by desktop publishers and editing to ensure consistency of style and appropriate language in accordance with the MLA EDGEnetwork style guide. 
A pilot workshop was held in May 2007 and the following recommendations were made: - Amend utilisation rates - place a ceiling of 50 percent utilisation for improved pastures. - Broader description of establishment of sown pastures. - Case study changes to reflect more practical application. - Inclusion of spreadsheet highlighting associated costs in moving from cane to cattle - to include in the toolkit of handy tools. - Provide research examples of Giant Rats Tail grass control.

More information

Project manager: Mick Quirk
Primary researcher: Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries