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Non red meat (bioactives and co-products) publications and communication material

Project start date: 10 August 2009
Project end date: 28 July 2010
Publication date: 28 July 2010
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle


Knowledge and communication material funded included:
Australian Beef and Sheep meat edible offal market review 2012 (A.MPM.0030)
Co-products price monitors and Datamonitor subscriptions (A.COP.0075; A.COP.0072; A.COP.0070; A.COP.0065; A.COP.0069; A.COP.0071; A.COP.0068; A.COP.0063; A.COP.0061; A.COP.0062; A.COP.0059; A.COP.0051, A.COP.0055, A.COP.0045, A.RMH.0010);
Bioactives compendium (A.BIM.0025)
Co-Products Technology Scanning (A.COP.0049)
Japanese Translation of Coproducts / Bioactives program documents for Nippon Ham (A.COP.0053)
Biopharma Market Database subscription (A.BIT.0007)

Bioactives Communication Materials (A.BIO.0015)

Bioactives bulletins (A.BIO.0012)
Co-product adoption workshops (V.COP.0077 & V.COP.0078)
Seventy six delegates were invited to the workshop which focussed on four technologies where the research phase has recently been completed and/or a business case has recently been generated.
These technologies were: Powdered meat and desiccated liver Chondroitin Sulphate Blood products Bioplastics
The workshop was held in Brisbane with 18 attendees in total. This allowed interested industry processor to receive a customised presentation in the days following the workshop while the presenters were all still available (V.COP.0078).