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Comparison of diets on weight loss and other indicators in young, obese women- weight gain

Project start date: 25 April 2005
Project end date: 20 December 2010
Publication date: 28 October 2014
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle
Relevant regions: National
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Communication of MLA-funded nutrition research findings is a key outcome of the human nutrition research program. Nutrition professionals, including dietitians, GPs, practice and child health nurses and the health media are important sources of nutrition information in the community. Communications are required to ensure these influencers are informed of the latest evidence on red meat's role in a healthy balanced diet.
Purpose and description
To translate MLA-funded nutrition research into meaningful communications which support nutrition professionals and health media in their practice, activities developing and supporting continuing education and nutrition education material is conducted.
To support researchers invited to present MLA-funded research at key professional conferences.To sponsor conferences and symposia on relevant topics including MLA-funded research, including annual symposium hosted by Dietitians Association of Australia.To produce and disseminate the Vital newsletter to nutrition professionals.To develop and promote nutrition education brochures informed by MLA-funded research to relevant healthcare professionals.
OutcomesMLA symposia2014Title – Getting the balance rightDate – 12th June 2014Assets  – all available  Title – Dietary strategies for improving metabolic healthDate – 10th April 2013Assets –Program -PresentationsWebinar - – High protein diets for lifestagesDate – 27th-29th March 2012Assets –ProgramPresentations2010Title – Tackling obesity in young womenDate – 23rd March 2010AssetsProgramPresentations2010Title – Starting solids: what's new?Date – 13th October 2010AssetsProgramPresentationsMasterclass targeting health and nutrition media2014Title – Getting the balance rightDate – 12th June 20142013Title – Practical tips for building meal repertoiresDate – 20th June 20132011Title – Cooking for healthDate – 19th July 20112010Title – Paddock to plateDate – 15th November 2010Quarterly Vital newsletter – education brochures and videos -'How to make every bite count' 'Look Good, Feel Good''Are you getting enough iron?' 'Live Well Plan'.Live Well plan - online module targeting GPs at professional conferences:Nutrition Society of Australia 2005;2006;2007;2008;2009;2010,2011,2012Nutrition Society of Australia and New Zealand 2013)Dietitians Association of Australia 2007,2008,2011,2012,2014,Australian Society for the Study of Obesity 2007Public Health Association of Australia 201011th International Congress of Obesity 2010Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society 2011European Congress on Obesity 2012; 2013Exercise and Sports Science 2012International Congress of Dietetics 2012International Union of Life Sciences 2013World Congress Gerontology and Geriatrics 2013(Home Cost analysis Association Conference 2013ILSI Maternal, Infant and Child Nutrition seminar and expert consultation, Jakarta 2014​​

More information

Project manager: Veronique Droulez
Primary researcher: University of Sydney