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Automated Goat Head Browning

Project start date: 15 April 2012
Project end date: 04 June 2015
Publication date: 10 June 2015
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Goat
Relevant regions: National
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The processing of skin-on goat heads & feet has been developed for a particular market that requires these items (head and feet (shanks)) to be ‘browned’ after the de-hairing process.
The process of ‘browning’ is a traditional means of preparing an animal carcase for consumption. Firstly the animal is slaughtered and then is place on an open fire to singe all of the hair from the carcase, the result from the removal of the hair in this method is that the skin remains as a toasted outer layer to the meat. The carcase can then be cut up – portioned – for further cooking and then consumption.
For obvious reasons our modern day food safety concerns would not allow such a process to be performed on a commercial volume, nor would this process be permitted in a meat processing facility. The compromise therefore to enable the customer to purchase a ‘traditional’ product is to add the process of ‘browning’ as a further component to the finish skin-on product.
Research & Development
The aim of this project was to develop a customised gas furnace to brown product to ensure a reliable, consistent processing outcome together with processing efficiency and other workplace safety features. Wesmartin Leonda was engaged to to develop and manufacture a suitable furnace in order to improve the processing efficiency, workplace safety, and product quality, of browned goat products.
Based on guidance from the processor, site visits, and factory acceptance trials, a machine was constructed and delivered to a processing site. Some efforts during production testing were required to optimise the process, and the final design included various aspects of practical know-how.
The machine has proven to be a valuable production machine with benefits generally in line with expectations, allowing the redeployment of 4 FTE staff. The machine is now commercially available through the technology provider.

More information

Project manager: Rachel Cross
Primary researcher: Western Meat Exporters Pty Ltd