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JBS development and commercial proving of linerless cartons for production of chilled and frozen meat product

Project start date: 02 December 2013
Project end date: 30 April 2014
Publication date: 15 June 2015
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle
Relevant regions: National
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Areas included under product logistics include:
Carcase handlingTrim management and packingPick and packing of cutsPalletising/container loading
Refridgeration and chiller automation is summarised separately.
General picking & packing reserach
A.TEC.0093.This Greenleaf CBA project quantified the areas of industry need for beef, sheep, goat and lamb processors in relation to picking, packing and materials handling, the technological opportunities relevant to these needs, the likely developmental challenges and analysis of cost, benefit and possible technological or provider gaps.
A.TEC.0108 Pick pack materials handling solution development - MAR.  No detailed report is available.
A.TEC.0109 Pick & Pack Materials Handling Solution Development (Applied Robotics).
A.TEC.0117 Pick pack material handling solution development.
Carcase handling research
RPDA.402 (1999) This project designed and constructed a rail switch which allowed carcases to be switched between two other rails in such a manner that the open end of a third rail was effectively blocked to prevent falling carcases .
A.TEC.0055. The first gambrel transfer is a step in the meat processing process where the hoofs of the carcase need to be transferred from an open to a closed position where they are hung on hooks called gambrels.This project describes a possible solution for automating the first gambrel transfer in the processing of lamb and calf carcases at the CRF Colac Otway plant near Melbourne, Australia
Trim management and packing research
A.TEC.0057. This project identified the specifications required by the Australian Meat Industry for packing of CL grades of bulk packed meat, designed a line set up using different components from various suppliers and validated each piece of equipment to ensure it met the specification.
P.PIP.0071 Applied Sorting Technologies (AST), in association with Rockdale Beef Partnership (RB) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), developed a novel x-ray inspection system targeted at detection of small bone fragments in beef trimmings travelling at production rates along boning room conveyor systems.
Picking and packing of cuts research
A.TEC.0107 Strategic Engineering developed a case study for the implementation of an automated picking and packing system for vacuum sealed primal cuts at Thomas Foods International’s Murray Bridge facilities.
P.PSH.0453. NCMC Product Sorting, Stacking and Logistics.  No report is available.
P.PSH.0236. Sociotechnical design of meat packing room at Harvey Beef (2006), including implmentation of packing automation.
P.PIP.0396 investigated the development, obtaining DAFF approval and commercial proving of linerless cartons for production of chilled and frozen meat product. However, due to unforeseen issues related to ownership of background intellectual properties and ownership and control of project outcomes, it was mutually agreed by the industry partner and provider that the project be terminated prior to the commencement of any meaningful research.
Palletising/container loading research
A.TEC.0102 The objectives of this project were to
Design a proof of concept Automated Container Loading System to overcome these issues and produce 2D and 3D concepts for industry discussion.
Manufacture and integrate this concept design for trials at MAR.
Perform container loading POC trials at MAR facility for industry viewing and discussion.
P.PSH.0634 MAR Mobile Robot Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Stage 1 project.
P.PSH.0627 & P.PSH.0680 MAR completed extensive investigation and preliminary design works as part of a general adoption project. The follow on project covered development and trials of a palletising gripper.

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Project manager: Dean Gutzke
Primary researcher: Lycopodium Process Industries Pty Ltd