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Beef Genetics Extension Network – Phase One: National Coordinator

Project start date: 30 May 2015
Project end date: 16 October 2015
Publication date: 14 June 2016
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grassfed cattle
Relevant regions: National
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​This project builds upon a significant body of existing work on beef genetics extension and training (Lee and Pitchford 2014, ABRI 2015, McCosker et al. 2010, Freer et al. 2003 and Upton et al. 2005 & 2008). A key difference between this report and previous work is the focus on broadening the impact of beef genetics extension into commercial herds and it is recommended that this should be the focus of phase II of this project.  

This can be achieved by including in the network those groups who already have a trusted relationship with commercial producers (i.e. those in the 'production zone' of the influence map developed in this report). Genetics messages will need to be re-developed and packaged in the context of practical farming systems. Ideally, these should be integrated within two 'super', multidisciplinary projects – Northern Fertility Project and Southern Supply Chain Project'. Six delivery vehicles are proposed for the beef genetic network's priority activities.

More information

Project manager: Sam Gill
Primary researcher: Monks Communication